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Welcome to the wiki! This site is a reference intended to track all the information about the "Human Preservation Project" ARG, AKA "Test Subjects Needed".

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In A Nutshell

Summary of what's happened so far... (see also story)

On May 24, 2011, the web address Testsubjectsneeded.com was found hidden in ads for 5 Gum. The website contained a sensory evaluation test asking players to react to various stimuli; once complete, they could create an account on the website.
Weeks later, on June 13, hundreds of paper helicopters with blue LED lights were dropped over the Bonnaroo Music Festival, copies of which were later sent to TSN account holders. A QR code on the helicopters led to the discovery of Missionicefly.com, which displayed a countdown ending on June 30. Once the countdown ended, a hunt began in fifteen cities as players attempted to locate iceflies. As each icefly was discovered, parts of a video began appearing on the website, and when all fifteen were found, the video revealed another site: Survivalcode.com.
This new website allows TSN account holders to collect constellation and test facility keys by using codes found inside specially marked packs of 5 Gum. A new countdown is set to expire on July 15.
When the countdown expires on July 15, the time then clicks through to a new puzzle. Once solved in its entirety, users were led to an audio sensory 'game'. When all levels are solved, 5 new "Facility 1" logs are awarded, as well as the "In the loop" achievement.
After July 19, logging in on Survivalcode.com brings the player to explore Facility 1 with many sensory puzzles to solve, unlocking new achievements and logs. Some of the puzzles require constellation and facility keys.
Beginning with August 1, new packages are mailed out that contain 5 Gum and a personal ID Badge which has a piece of a QR code on the back. The code is put together from the pieces and leads to a puzzle.
With a poll on 5 Gum's Facebook page, Miami, Houston and San Diego are chosen for the hunt of three more iceflies on August 11. New logs appear and Facility 2 opens on August 15.
Facility 2 opened on August 15 and along with it came new puzzles and log files. New Traelek Institute links were discovered in the new logfiles on August 17th.
Facility 3 opened on September 7 and like before came new puzzles and log files.
Command Center opened on October 13.

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