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A place to discuss unresolved issues, objects, events, people...

The Icefly
  • What is the Icefly? Is it mechanical or organic? both? Does it has magical or even supernatural powers? In The Genesis it's seen within a cylindrical container, and the container is left hovering.
  • What's the significance of the pentagon? It has a recurring appearance in most of the discovered content so far, and also appears in more detail drawn in pieces on a blackboard in a classroom - see Blackboard pentagon
Rubillon Heights fire
  • Where is Rubillon Heights? What is the cause of the fire reported to have taken place in 1996 (see blameless newspaper article)? Who started it? Why is this fire significant?
The Facility
  • What is the facility? It's seen in The Genesis and depicted in panels of comics. It contains a laboratory in which Icefly are examined.
Facility Numbers
  • The numbers 147 356 12 12 are clearly visible on protruding platforms on the Prelude log page 4
Terry O'Quinn
  • Awesome! wtf?
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