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Facility 5 (The Final Frontier)


Walk down the long glass pathway through the snow towards the building. Once inside you will come to a "train" like vehicle. If you step out of the "train" and click the tunnel behind it, you will Be taken to the "Fuses game". Match the shapes as described in the above box to receive the "All Aboard" achievement, complete up to level 7 and receive the "Seeing Sparks" achievement, upon completion of all of the levels you should receive the "Completing the Arc" achievement. (*NOTE: There are NO cheats for this game as it changes to a different puzzle if you miss after 8 tries and walking out of the room and back in only gives you a new different puzzle, sorry folks!)

Get in the train and take the stops in any sequence you wish, although some of them cannot be completed until other stops/puzzles have been completed, this walk-through will describe them in the order they appear on the map(s).

Stop 1: Power Core

Most often referred to in the other facilities as the "GyroSphere Room." Once all the rings are spinning you have fully powered the facility.

Stop 2: Constellation #1

Put in yo key, light that ish up, receive achievement.

Stop 3: Kinetic Chamber

  • Facility Key Needed*

In this room, look for the doorway on the right and click it. It will take you down to the "Memory in Motion" game. Click the boxes to reveal the image beneath them, click another box to try and match them. After each failed attempt the boxes will move along the railings against the walls. Receive the "Brain Trust" achievement when all of the boxes have been matched.

Stop 4: Constellation #2

You know you wanna light up the purdy little thing on the wall..... Go on, put your key in and watch it glow!

Stop 5: Facility Matrix

  • Facility Key Needed*

Same puzzle as before, follow the pattern to unlock a new QR piece. Recieve the "Squaring Off" and "Beyond the Grid" when all 3 are solved. (*Cheats to be uploaded soon*)

Stop 6: Constellation #3

You know the drill, so no need for more stupid jokes....

Stop 7: Central Vault

  • This room cannot be unlocked until ALL of the other puzzles have been completed*

Walk past the crashed Icefly excavator and to the door on the right. Watch the video. ??? PROFIT!

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