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Log files

  • Located on each user's Survivalcode profile
  • The following logs are grouped into 'chapters'. Initially, the first was labeled "Facility 01" on the profile page, but was quickly renamed to "Prelude".


Page 1
The paradox of being.

Behold the universe. Explosions, collisions, ignition on a massive scale - volatility amplified, and yet these chaotic reactions foster life as we know it.

It's hard to imagine how serenity and destruction co-exist in such harmony.
Page 2
We've sloughed off the primordial ooze and traded it for suits and ties. But if we don't play our cards right, extinction looms large.

Advancement is a messy business, but necessary.
We could very easily slip back into nothingness.

[the Traelek Institute...]
But you know plenty about the subject - after all, you're the most advanced of your kind.
We all have the capacity for heightened sensory perception. It's not voodoo or conjecture: it's a skill.
Page 3
It will take an adventurous spirit to transcend the standard avenues of interpretation and imagination...

A boundless heroism mixed with curiosity that drives you to fascinating parts unknown.
Page 4
The circuitry of the brain forms a curious path.

Every synapse is a locked door, challenging you to delve deeper.


  • the numbers 147 356 12 12 are visible on protruding platforms in this panel
  • this matches the nonogram that if completed will give you the "Bar Coder" achievement.
Page 5
It carves a swath through the physical world...

Allowing your body, mind and soul to explore this reality with every new sensation you experience.

Facility 01

Page 6
You have honed your innate propensity for HSP to brilliant new levels. That's why you're here

Welcome to orientation. I'm Professor Traelek.

The senses are more than just eyes, easrs and tasebuds... They're our connection to humanity.
Page 7
Cherish them, nurture them. They might just be our salvation.

You must excuse me - I have to attend to a pressing matter.
Class dismissed.
Page 8
He's close.
Page 9
15 years ago...

When you walked into the room...
Did you notice the color of the pyramid on the back shelf?


And it's next to a yellow sphere, a red cube, and a stack of old copies of biophysics monthly.

And how many fingers am I holding up?

That's not how it works. I'm a lip reader, not a mind reader.
Page 10
I think I just see more than others.

You are definitely more observant than most - great job.

Someone's coming... and she's wearing a whole lot of perfume - rose water.

Professor, who is this new student? And why don't I have any transfer paperwork?

No paperwork, just drawings. Bobbi is the definition of a highly sensitive person. Nice perfume, by the way.
Page 11
Sound waves can elicit a wide range of responses in the human test subject.
Love, fear, bewilderment - or, in the ideal case...

...pure sensory bliss
Page 12
It's working.

It better work.
Our world depends on it...


  • The numbers 87 29 54 68 are visible on this panel
Page 13
  • Note: Phone number 888-262-7417 is visible. Calling reveals this message:
Have you seen my dog? He answers to Scruff McGee and he's really friendly and he's the only friend I have since I moved to the institute, except for Bobbi, who's really nice, but she's new and Scruffy's been my friend for 3 and a half years. Mr Traelek is nice enough to let me keep him in my room. So please, let me know if you've seen my dog, Scruff McGee."
Page 14
What's wrong, E?
I can't find scruff. He's all I've got since I came to this school

What am I going to do?
Follow me. I'm good at finding stuff.

Is something the matter, Bobbi?
Your dog... He's barking.
Page 15
But. I don't hear anything.
Hey, that's my line.

This way!

No way...

...we can't go inside that creepy nightmare of a...

Bobbi? Bobbi!?!?
Page 16
Come, back!

This can't be good.
Page 17
Page 18
I won't be sacred - my friend needs me.

There's a danger in there...

I can feel it.

Facility 2

Page 19
Someone's coming!!!
Page 20
What'chu doin' here?

Why you gotta mess up my abode?

Bobbi, I thought you were in trouble!

You wasn't far off.
Page 21
--MAYDAY!-- We've lost contact with three hikers in the Taymyr if anyone is in the vicinity...

Tourists! I'm on it.

Thanks, Will. Hey, how was your expedition?

Lousy. All I found was a whole lot of nothing.
Page 22
It's going to take a steady hand and a sure foot to...
Page 23
Cold enough for you?

You intend to make this easy?

Guess not.

Who's at the top of the food chain now, losers?!?
Page 24
Thank you so much!
You saved us!
It's a good thing your vehicle was so very flammable!

Looks like a nice day for a walk.
Page 25
You have saved us... Again!
Page 26
What kind of place is this?

Is restaurant. Sit!

What's on the menu?
Cold Borscht.

Perfect. I'm sure it's worth every ruble...
Page 27
You left your keys!

They're yours now.
You're going to need them.

Nice rig. A little showy...

...but nice.
Page 28
Take care -
It's been weird!
Yes, thank you to our new friend!

I could do some serious salvaging in this baby.

If you want some real salvage, head north a few clicks.

Oh yeah? And who might you be?

I'm an interested party... And I'll make it worth your while.

How much are we talking?
I need numbers.

How about 7 billion? That's the number of people you'll save if you find this particular artifact.
Page 29
I spy with my little eye...

Something made of ice.

Almost like working my 'dozer back in Jersey... Almost.

Time to get to the bottom of this...
Page 30
You have found it, haven't you?


It will guide you all the way to NYC.

Safe travels, little guy.

The pieces are coming together.
Page 31
A true mastery of the senses.

Physiology conquering a savage environment.
Our research just took a quantum leap...

I couldn't have interrupted at a more opportune time.

Gentlemen, have you seen this?
Page 32
Incoming call:

01 Talk to me.

02 We've found her.

03 Where? No - don't answer that.
04 Are you sure we shouldn't just tell her? It kills me to keep you two apart.
05 She'll find me when she's ready - you know that's how it has to be.
Page 33
The more things change-

Look, I said I was sorry.

Yes, but you didn't mean it - This is the third runaway shenanigan this month.

Well if my father can run away, why can't I!?!?

I just don't know what I'm going to do with you, Max...

Good riddance to bad memories.
Page 34
Innovation drives our understanding of the known world...

And simultaneously plunges us farther into the unknown.

Facility 3

Page 35
Salmon mouse on caper-infused crostini?

Is it food or art?

Guess it was art...
Page 36
Your payment is hanging in the corner.

Wait - where are you?
Wait -- WHO are you?

That's one question too many -- This convo is over.

Leave no trace.
Page 37
Challenge the darkness.

Test the limits.

Always stay connected. It's done.

Thank you, Maxine. Your intuition is getting stronger.
Now what?
You'll figure it out.
Page 38
Your certificate of ownership, sir... Impeccable choice.

What's it worth?
Don't worry. The finances were approved. And its worth is indescribable.

Hey, did that bald guy set this up? Where is he?
Page 39
I save humankind and this is my reward?

The set-up goes on...
Page 40
I save humankind and this is my reward?

The set-up goes on...
Page 40
Sorry about the mix-up - Max

Chalk it up to more weirdness. Courtesy of 'Max'.
Page 41
Is that what I think it is?

It's just the beginning... I'm afraid this has been in the works for a long time.
Page 42
"15 years ago."

Goodbye, Mommy.
Page 43
And Bobbi was there when it happened, the poor thing.

It all happened so fast. I just went downstairs for 4 minutes... when I came back she was gone. Hold on... there's another call coming through.

Hello? Who is this?
Page 44
My name is Professor Traelek. And I'm calling to inqure about on of your relatievs -- Do you have a niece named Bobbi.

I'm sorry but how do you know my niece?

I don't...But she clearly knows me.
Page 45

Page 46
"The next day. "

You sure you're on the right bus, lady?

Don't make me hurt you, tough guy -- I'm on the right bus.

But, what am I doing here?
Page 47
Oh no.

There's a knock in the engine -- It's jeopardizing the fuel line!
Is this some kind of collegiate prank?

I'm afraid not... Our lives are in imminent danger.

We have to get off this bus...

Page 48
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