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HSP (Heightened Sensory Perception)

Source: http://thebardo.blogspot.com/2008/10/heightened-sensory-perception.html

The HSP is a phenomenon of being more deeply and keenly in tune with your surroundings. It requires enough physical exertion to produce an endorphin rise, coupled with a slow enough speed to allow the senses time to absorb. A reasonably high speed may assist in creating a sense of excitement. Not having to focus too much on the activity at hand helps, however, HSP may be heightened by a reasonable fear for your safety, as this increases consciousness of surrounding activity. Road biking may be the prime avenue for experiencing HSP, no matter the distance nor the place.

With HSP, there is no such thing as a desolate landscape. The same route that may depress a car driver is energized and enlivening through HSP. Skies are bluer, sagebrush are greener, autumn aspen are yellower, desert sandstone redder. You are more likely to see the insects, animals and small roadside plants that may otherwise escape your attention. The ripple in the stream is more resonant and the wind in the grass is more hypnotic.

Life is more delicious.
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