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An achievement system has been provided for members, currently visible on the user profile page of The following achievements have been reported so far...

Image:Achievement_enlist.png Enlist In the Cause
Registered your account
Image:Achievement_badge.png Commitment Credentials
Created your badge ID
Image:Achievement_rescue.png Above and Beyond
Found an Icefly in the field
Image:Achievement_down_the_rabbit_hole.png Down the Rabbithole
Gained entry to the first facility
Image:Achievement_drawn_in.png Drawn In
Acquired first log page
Image:Achievement_accessgranted.png Access Granted
Collected five testing facility keys
Image:Enhanced_privledges.png‎ Enhanced Privileges
Collected ten testing facility keys
Image:Facility_0_-_Full_Clearance.png Full Clearance
Collected all testing facility keys
Image:Lighting_up_the_stars.png Lighting Up The Stars
Collected five constellation keys
Image:Achievement_bigpicture.png The Big Picture
Collected all constellation keys
Image:Achievement_facility1online.png Facility 1 Online
Fully power facility 1
Image:Achievement_chapterone.png Chapter One
Found all log files in Facility 1
Image:Achievement_written_in_the_stars.png Written in the Stars
Activated constellation one
Image:Achievement_seeing_the_pattern.png Seeing the Pattern
Completed laser challenge
Image:Achievement_safe_cracker.png Safe Cracker
Unlocked administration safe
Image:Achievement_melody_maker.png Melody Maker
Successfully duplicated sequence
Image:Achievement_in_the_loop2.png In the Loop
Powered audio testing room - completion to baseline 15
Image:Sequencer.png Sequencer
Audio room completion - baseline 30
Image:achievement_masteraudiophile.png Master Audiophile
Audio room total completion - baseline 50
Image:Fire_and_Ice.png Fire and Ice
Fully Powered Facility 2
Image:Next_episode.png‎ The Next Episode
Collected all Facility 2 Log Pages
Image:Sky_Cipher.png Sky Cipher
Activated Facility 2 Constellation
Image:Wordsmith.png Wordsmith
Solved the Dot Mystery
Image:Sense_of_Direction.png Sense of Direction
Unlocked Facility 2 Safe
Image:Gears_of_Light.png Gears of Light
Solved Pentalock
Image:Fiery_Furnisher.png Fiery Furnisher
Initiated 15 Chain Reactions, Unlocked Facility 2 Lava Gates
Image:Kineticist.png Kineticist
Initiated 30 Chain Reactions
Image:Combustable.png Combustable
All Chain Reactions Fired
Image:ZEJHs0zY1qwktA.png Flare for the Dramatic
Fully Powered Facility 3
Image:Turnthepage.png Turn The Page
Collected All Facility 3 Log Pages
Image:Thelightwithin.png The Light Within
Activated Facility 3 Constellation
Image:queenslogic.png Queen's Logic
Completed Second Laser Challenge
Image:barcoder.png Bar Coder
Decode Facility 3 Matrices
Image:seeingallsides.png Seeing All Sides
Solved 12 Game
Image:spintactician.png Spin Tactician
Completed 15 Levels of Repel
Image:Propeller.png Propeller
Completed 30 Levels of Repel
Image:allyofaxis.png Ally of Axis
Completed Repel
Image:SeeingSymbols.png Seeing Symbols
Activated Command Center Constellations
Image:MakingfYourMark.png Making Your Mark
Completed 5 Levels of Glyph Logic
Image:ASignOfCharacter.png A Sign of Character
Completed all levels of Glyph Logic
Image:Facility_4_-_Verdant.png Verdant
Fully Powered Facility 4
Image:Facility_4_-_Four_Score.png‎ Four Score
Collected all Facility 4 Log Pages
Image:Facility_4_-_Starry_Eyed.png Starry Eyed
Activated Facility 4 Constellations
Image:Facility_4_-_Seeing_Faces.png‎ Seeing Faces
Resolved 2 levels of Hypercube
Image:Facility_4_-_Turn,_Turn,_Turn.png Turn, Turn, Turn
Resolved Hypercube
Image:Facility_4_-_Gaming_The_System.png Gaming The System
Decoded Facility 4 Matrices
Image:Facility_4_-_Perfect_Circle.png‎ Perfect Circle
Solved Ring Lock
Image:Facility_4_-_Master_Plumber.png Master Plumber
Completed 15 levels of Liquid Diversion
Image:Facility_4_-_Saturation_Point.png Saturation Point
Completed Liquid Diversion
Image:Facility_4_-_On_The_Grid.png On The Grid
Decoded first Facility 4 Matrix
Image:Facility_5_-_Breaking_The_Ice.png On The Grid
Fully Powered Facility 5
Image:Facility_5_-_The_Success_Story.png On The Grid
Collected all Facility 5 log pages
Image:Facility_5_-_When_Worlds_Align.png On The Grid
Activated Facility 5 React Constellations
Image:Facility_5_-_Blue_Skies.png On The Grid
Activated Cobalt Constellation
Image:Facility_5_-_Squaring_Off.png On The Grid
Decoded first Facility 5 Matrix
Image:Facility_5_-_Beyond_The_Grid.png‎ On The Grid
Decoded Facility 5 Mactrices
Image:Facility_5_-_All_Aboard.png On The Grid
Connected 3 Fuses, Powered Faciliy
Image:Facility_5_-_Seeing_Sparks.png On The Grid
Connected 7 Fuses
Image:Facility_5_-_Completing_The_Arc.png On The Grid
Connected all Fuses
Image:Facility_5_-_Brain_Trust.png On The Grid
Solved Memory in Motion

Older Achievements

A few achievements were replaced by others. As such, these no longer show up on profiles.

Image:Achievement_audio.png In the loop
Mastered your audio destiny
Removed and replaced with baseline 20
Image:Achievement_in_the_loop.png In the Loop
Initiated audio testing - completed to baseline 20
Replaced with baseline 15
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