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July 19

quick notes

A1 - acquiring sensory data stream
B1 - audio game - @lvl15 achievement(in the loop), @lvl30 log7(combo)+achievement(sequencer), @lvl50 ??
C1-l - log10 - audio pentagon(12321), log12+achievement(melody maker)
C1-c - rain key req'd - log 11+achievement(written in the stars)
C1-r - facility key req'd, log 9 - four num combo lock 0-99 (87 29 54 68), log 13+achievement(safe cracker)
D1 - log 8(888-262-7417-"scruff mcgee") - chess game(center+tilt 1sq), log 6+achievement(seeing the pattern)
  • Each station on the map is designated by an Exclamation. When complete, becomes checkmark. (bounce game and constellation won't toggle)
Aug 15

"Three pillars of light"

Houston: TACTILE
San Diego: EXPLORE
Miami: ?
Facebook update with link to (Facility_2 8.15)
profile now lists logs 3(21), 4(22), 11(29), 13(31), 14(32)

"Facility 2"

1A now 'transports' to facility 2
log 15?(33)
sense of direction, log file 9 in pentagon puzzle, solve = log 4
wordsmith, facility key 1 for dot puzzle - TWELVE HUNDRED FORTY NINE, solve = log 5-6
gears of light, 4 part pentagon slider - solve, logs 1-2
sky cipher, constellation room, solstice key
fiery furnisher, facility key 2 for chain reaction game, at 15 lava loosened, icebergs avalanche, solve = logs 13 & 16
kineticist for completing lvl 30, combustion for completion of lvl40 chain reaction game, log 16
observation area, logs 7 & 8
filing cabinet, logs 10-12

Package: ID badge (TBD)
Bonaroo event (videos)
Print ads (redirect) (redirect) (redirect)
Influencer mail
Package: Icefly (countdown)
15 cities, 15 iceflies
Facility 01 Prelude: Traelek Institute, 174 356
Voicemail: 866-843-5774
Latin: "Honor Mind Truth"


Hey bruce, I noticed last night that someone replaced the front page w/ something rambling about adult dating websites or something. I reverted it back to the original layout, but the user's name was Zr.

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