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Name:Eddie patient#672A1299

Reported side effects: Headache, Sleeplessness

Reason for visit: patient complains of headache and (cant read that please help), sodering as a state of unspecified paranoia.

Symptoms:Increased bllod pressure heartrate, erratic mood swings, over sensvite to loud noise and bright lights, sleeplessness.

Disgnosis: Most likley a case of (something) anxiety disorder, not (something) by, my real essential threat. phsyc consult point to abundent issues stemming from childhood tramua,relocation.(notes off to the side) professor-another specialsit, another dead end. Here's the assessment from my lastest trip to the doctors office, but i'd like a 2ND opinion from someone actually knows what he's talking about.

Additional Notes: Follwing app 3 monts from now (as nesscary depending on painets needs)

I can't say all of this is coorect so if you see any mistakes pleas fix them (also i give myself credit WillRaven13 and my mom for helping me.)

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