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Facility 1

When logging on to Survival Code with your Test Subjects Needed ID, you taken into the first facility. This then leads to a game in which you need to complete each puzzle to unlock logs and earn achievements.


The puzzle that were present was the "music" game, a laser puzzle, pentagon sound puzzle, and a combination lock. In some puzzle rooms, test logs are lying on ground. You also receive test logs upon completing each puzzle.

Most of the solutions to the puzzles can be found in the discussion threads at Unfiction: http://forums.unfiction.com/forums/index.php?f=265


The goal of the game is to complete all of the puzzles. As puzzles are completed, rings of the gyrosphere at the main entrance start spinning.


There are three pathways to explore. The pathways are labeled 1A, 1B, and 1C - with 1D also located down path 1B. There is also a map which outlines the layout of the facility.


This hallway leads to a door with a red screen. The screen flashes, "Acquiring Sensory Data Stream..." So far this seems to be a dead end or the gateway to another facility.

  • As of July 22, the screen now reads, "Sensory Pathway Currently Locked".
    • On August 15th, the door unlocked and access to Facility 2 was granted.


A short distance along the hallway forks with another labeled "1D" (see below). At the end of 1B is the Audio Sensory Testing Room. This test is similar to the first test (Reclaimthelight game) but with another 30 levels. Once you pass levels 15, 30 and 50 you will receive achievements in your profile.

As a remake of an existing flash game, there is a cheat website that lists most of the solutions to the higher levels. (link)

Upon completing this Audio Testing you will receive three achievements: "In The Loop", "Sequencer" and "Master Audiophile"

  • Note: For level 50, once you get the correct timing it will continue to loop, but you will receive your achievement.


Down this path you will come into a room that has three doors:

  • The door on the left is the pentagon puzzle. Move the pegs to match the music that is playing in the room before you got to the puzzle. You will receive the "Melody Maker" achievement after completing this puzzle.
  • The door in the middle requires the constellation key Rain. Insert the key, make the symbol glow. You will receive the "Written in the Stars" achievement when you complete this.
  • The door on the right you will need a facility key. Insert the key and gain access to the safe. Enter the code from the log file 12 that you received upon completion of the Audio puzzle. When you complete this puzzle you will receive the "Safe Cracker" achievement.


Down this hallway this is a room with a puzzle called "Laser Challenge". The point of this puzzle is to place the pegs in positions where they are not diagonally, horizontally or vertically connected. The correct pattern is:


Place your pegs where the X's are. Upon the completion of this puzzle you will receive the "Seeing the Pattern" achievement.

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