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As of August 13, the profile page on contains a 1/9th of a QR code. The image URL is The other eight parts of the code can be found by entering different numbers in the place of the number 9.

The source code of the page shows the order in which the parts are to be assembled.

<div id="qr">
<div id="qrpeice3" class="qrpiece"></div>
<div id="qrpeice6" class="qrpiece"></div>
<div id="qrpeice2" class="qrpiece"></div><br>
<div id="qrpeice7" class="qrpiece"></div>
<div id="qrpeice9" class="qrpiece"><img src="/images/Profile/qrs/qr9.jpg"></div>
<div id="qrpeice4" class="qrpiece"></div><br>
<div id="qrpeice1" class="qrpiece"></div>
<div id="qrpeice5" class="qrpiece"></div>
<div id="qrpeice8" class="qrpiece"></div>

Arranging the pieces in the shown order results in the full QR which decodes to this:

Congratulations, your perseverance has served you well...There is one more piece of the puzzle:

The page currently has nothing on it except the word "coda". It is currently unknown whether this page is a "red herring" or we're not intended to find it yet and it is going to be filled with content later on.

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