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Located on in the user profile section (link), a panel displaying 10 slots for "constellation keys" and a counter for "facility keys" is visible, along with a button to "get more keys".

Packaging outside
Packaging inside
Newer product stand
  • Keys are obtained through purchasing of specially marked packages of 5 Gum - marked with the Icefly emblem, containing a unique code inside the packaging.
    Some stores are reported as having the special packs in stock, including Walmart, Target, and others. It's generally considered that any pack with an expiry of earlier than late August 2012 will not have the codes. August 28 seems to be the cutoff, especially for Rain and Cobalt flavors. (Look for late August 2012 expiration dates or later.)
    • NOTE: For React2 Fruit and Vortex packs, dates within Feb2012 generally contain codes.
  • On entering a unique key code, you are prompted to choose one of the available 10 constellation keys or a facility key. once you have all 10 constellation keys, you may still apply the code to receive another facility key.
    • NOTE: Do not close the prompt that appears after you redeem the code before selecting a key! You must select a constellation key or facility key in order to obtain the key, otherwise the code will be marked as used and you won't be able to re-enter it later

These keys are for opening doors and unlocking items in Facility 1.

Constellation Keys

(description and images of constellation key)

  • The 10 constellation keys seem to related to 10 flavors of 5 Gum (see table below), though it doesn't appear that purchase of each flavor is required to unlock each key.

Facility Keys

  • It's believed that 3 initial facility keys (added to your profile on joining are achieved by watching the available videos in their entireties (The Genesis and the intro video), and completing the sensory evaluation quiz on
  • There appears to be no limit to the amount of test facility keys one can have


Required 5 Gum packaging includes:

  • Icefly emblem
  • Special unique key code inside
  • Phrase specific to the flavor
  • Word that is actually a subfolder on (eg ) - this redirects to an existing website to
1 Rain "Discovery begins now" /explore
2 Solstice
3 Swerve "Your experiment awaits" /test
4 Elixir
5 Prism "Find your code" /uncover
6 Flare
7 React2 Fruit "Open the door" /gateway
8 React2 Mint "Step into the lab" /investigate
9 Vortex "You hold the key" /unlock
10 Cobalt "You have been chosen" /selected
[display stand] "Discovery begins now" /induction
  • other phrases: reveal, fate, searching
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