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(Hidden pages: Fac 3)
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* [[]] ([ direct link]) from /gifted.
* [[]] ([ direct link]) from /gifted.
* [[]] ([ direct link]) from emphasized capitals in /672a1299.
* [[]] ([ direct link]) from emphasized capitals in /672a1299.
===== [[Facility 3]] =====
* [[]] ([ direct link])
* [[]] ([ direct link]) from an italic word on /enigma.
* [[]] ([ direct link]) from highlighted letters on /important.
* [[]] ([ direct link]) from a quite noticeable word on /pyrosensitivity.
* [[]] ([ direct link]) from the first letters of the phrase 'I love you' that /expressive refers to.

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Splash page

(as of July 1)
The Traelek Institute
Cultivating discovery, curiosity and extraordinary human potential since 1986

Science and creativity have always shared a magnificent symbiosis. Hawking, Einstein, Da Vinci - their concepts are as innovative as they are whimsical; they have offered complex analyses of the universe without ignoring its sense of wonder.

We celebrate their example here at the Traelek Institute, but we refuse to put them on a pedestal. There is greatness inherent in every human mind, but it must be exercised and nurtured.

That's our job... and we love our work.

Please take a moment to peruse our site and see for yourself that a journey unexamined is a journey not worth taking.


Hidden pages

Hidden pages and how they were discovered...

Mission Icefly

The four words mentioned in the voicemail lead to these hidden sub-pages:

Genesis Event

A trail of pages that began in the second set of log files with "Biophysics Monthly" lead to:

Facility 2

From the Facility 2 logs.

Facility 3
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