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The Traelek Institute


On calling 866-843-5774 as of June 30, 2011, the following voicemail is heard:

Thank you for calling the Traelek Institute, celebrating its 25th year of operations. Please listen to a word association quiz that we issue to new students upon matriculation.
What do these terms illicit in your mind's eye? There are no correct answers, only questions. At the Traelek Institute, we believe that the pursuit of sensory data is its own reward, so check back at our website if you have any fresh impulses as a result of the quiz you just sampled. Goodbye.

Word association

The four words lead to hidden sub-pages of, including:

Page 9 of the facility 01 log files led to another group of sub pages, including:

Page 30 in the Facility 02 log files led to these:

Page 44 in the Facility 03 log files led to these:

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