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The Story...


  • As the game progresses, a video, hidden subpages and comics become available which tell a story. The following is a summary of events that are unveiled so far.


Professor Gerald Traelek founds the Traelek Institute to research Heightened Sensory Perception.(Official website) He later expands it with underground Test Facilities in another location because this research is needed to save the human race from apathy and ultimately turns into the Human Preservation Project. This is the place where the experiments seen in 5 Gum commercials happen all the way parallel to the story.


Bobbi and Maxine Gnarsea are sisters. (Bobbi calls Max "sis" in one of her letters). Bobbi is deaf, a lip reader and she often talks in parallel in American Sign Language. They live in Rubillon Heights until their house burns down on February 6 and their mother dies in hospital. Her death is witnessed by Bobbi. They are then looked after by their aunt. She is contacted by Professor Traelek because he's interested in Bobbi. Bobbi has HSP and can sense future events which she makes drawings about. A drawing of Traelek's head somehow gets to him and he makes the call.

Bobbi is taken to Traelek Institute and is interviewed by the Professor. Max escapes the car; she has a habit of running away, probably because their father had left them. When found, she is sent to Hiltrecht (Military) Academy by her aunt, because she considers Max problematic, and the Academy offers a solution for that. Bobbi doesn't know where Maxine lives and is consistently sending letters to their old address which all come back returned to sender. Bobbi also gets into trouble finding the dog Scruff McGee for a friend. They go after the dog into an old house, the floor collapses and the owner - an old man - saves them.


Will Holdstrom describes himself as a salvage man. He is blessed with the ability of perceiving Everyday Synchronicity. (Interview)

Will is driving his truck through the snow of Taymyr Peninsula, Siberia, Russia. He's just came back from an expedition which resulted in the finding of a golden ring - much less than expected. He receives a radio call that three hikers have been lost in the area. He follows the footprints in the snow to find them encircled by 3 (or 4) polar bears. He attacks them but falls and one of the bears swallows the ring. He finally manages to scare them off by detonating his car with a pistol shot. They then walk to a small restaurant. Here Will is approached by a woman (working for Traelek) who gives him the keys of a new vehicle capable of drilling through the ice.

Professor Traelek contacts Will and instructs him to fetch the icefly. Meanwhile he gives a lecture via webcam to the students of the Traelek Institute. This is interrupted by his assistant in order for him to witness the excavating of the icefly. (An icefly painting is hanging behind him. It is probably prepared with a drawing of the mechanical icefly put into the rear and sent to a New York art gallery. Will then puts the icefly into a briefcase and travels to New York.

He visits the art gallery selected for the exchange. Here the briefcase is exchanged - without him knowing - by Maxine. Traelek wants to reunite Bobbi and Maxine but Bobbi insists on waiting. Max then calls and tells Will that his 'payment is hanging in the corner'. Will attempts to buy the icefly painting but he's told that it was already intended for him. Outside, he finds the hidden drawing and that the briefcase is empty.

Maxine is driven by car through snow and desert. When she gets out to call Traelek and inform him about the events, the car leaves her. She is led by her intuition to travel with the very unreliable service of Buford's Bus Bounty. Buford's remain loyal to their traditions: the bus explodes in the middle of nowhere.

The icefly is taken to Traelek and starts to hover in his hands. It is examined in the lab. A mechanical icefly is constructed and presented to the scientists working in the facilities.


  • Who Eddie is and how he is related to the story
  • Who Natalia Suttinger, neuro-analyst is and whom she sends a typed message to
  • What the black envelope contains, who is sending it to the Prof and whom they received it from
  • What the exact origin and purpose of the mechanical icefly is
  • How the players come into picture, why Test Subjects are Needed and what the purpose of Mission Icefly is
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