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  • This puzzle was revealed on August 8 as the 2nd part to the trail which began with mailed TSN Badges containing segments of a QR code. The QR code pointed to the, containing the following puzzle:

(scaled image of the puzzle page)

  • The header linked to the Human Preservation Project Facebook app on the 5 Gum fan page. (link). On "Like"ing the 5 Gum page, the app displays links to all previous content sources and websites, including one screen related to this puzzle.
    • Clicking the screen would present a passcode prompt.
Puzzle solved
  • A member of the SomethingAwful forums (ref comment) revealed he'd solved the passcode (See solution below).
  • On providing the proper passcode, the next stage was unlocked (the passcode prompt was removed) revealing a countdown to 3:00pm EDT August 11th, plus the opportunity to vote for one of 6 locations where 'the next specimen will emerge'
    • Candidate cities include: Miami, Houston, San Diego, Cincinnati, Philadelphia, Minneapolis

(image of countdown/prompt)

Solution explanation

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