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Brochure page 1:

Latin: Honorem - Animi - Veritas
Hiltrecht Academy
Applying the discipline of yesterday to the leaders of tomorrow

Brochure page 2:

A Challenging Curriculum
A Legacy of Prestige
Consistently ranked among the top-tier military secondary schools in the nation, Hiltrecht has produced some of the most distinguished success stories across the board. The financial world, professional circles, the medical field - they have all benefited from Hiltrecht's commitment to excelelence. We graduate the best of the best - there's no debating that.
For students at Hiltecht, every day consists of a rigorous schedule of calisthenics, weapons proficiency training, history lessons, and other academic pursuits.
Our campus is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts of all stripes. Replete with hiking trails, obstacle courses and lookout vistas, there's never a dull moment at Hiltrecht.

Brochure page 3:

Hiltrecht Understands
Adolescence is a difficult time. Insecurity, waywardness and bad influences emerge from every direction; it's no wonder that high school dropout rates are at an all-time high.
But Hiltrecht Academy is working to turn the tide.
Catering to the strong-willed, driven, energetic 14-18 year old generation, Hiltrecht offers an alternative to youthful indiscretion: structure. Idle hands have no place here - we'll keep you on task and out of harm's way, so long as you abide by our rules.
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