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I concentrate so much of my time and energy compiling detailed biorhythmic data reports that I have almost forgotten how to write from my heart. Well, here is my best effort...

If you are receiving this message though the wires and circuitry that divide us, it means that you are observant beyond the parameters of conventionality. Sorry, I keep reverting to analytical terminology - difficult habit to break.

You may not know me-- you may never know me-- but I am working diligently toward a goal that concerns you directly. You must have noticed that the current situation is dire; our species is losing touch with the very qualities that make us human. But you are the exception to the rule. Your intuition sets you apart - that is why you are receiving this piece of correspondence... however it has found its way to you.

No matter what happens to me, please be aware that I am striving for a cure. While others perish, I live. While society dulls, I seek vibrancy. While all seems hopeless, my job is to hope... And right now, my hope is that this won't be the last you hear from me.

Please keep our work moving forward.


11:50 A M 2011 AUG 27

"I can't decipher the origin of this communique... I just know that it's important."
  • 'Important' is the keyword that leads to /important

p.s. communiqué is french for statement

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